male monarch

a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom
Syn: ↑king, ↑Rex
Ant: ↑female monarch, ↑queen (for: ↑king)
Derivationally related forms: ↑kingdom (for: ↑king), ↑kingly (for: ↑king), ↑kingship (for: ↑king)
Hypernyms: ↑sovereign, ↑crowned head, ↑monarch
Instance Hyponyms:
Messiah, ↑Ahab, ↑Akhenaton, ↑Akhenaten, ↑Ikhanaton, ↑Amenhotep IV, ↑Alaric, ↑Alfred, ↑Alfred the Great, ↑Artaxerxes I, ↑Artaxerxes, ↑Artaxerxes II, ↑Ashurbanipal, ↑Assurbanipal, ↑Asurbanipal, ↑Athelstan, ↑Attila, ↑Attila the Hun, ↑Scourge of God, ↑Scourge of the Gods, ↑Bruce, ↑Robert the Bruce, ↑Robert I, ↑Carl XVI Gustav, ↑Carl XVI Gustaf, ↑Clovis, ↑Clovis I, ↑Croesus, ↑Cyrus II, ↑Cyrus the Elder, ↑Cyrus the Great, ↑Darius I, ↑Darius the Great, ↑Darius III, ↑David, ↑Edmund I, ↑Edmund II, ↑Edmund Ironside, ↑Edward the Elder, ↑Edwin, ↑Egbert, ↑Ethelbert, ↑Ethelred, ↑Ethelred I, ↑Ethelred II, ↑Ethelred the Unready, ↑Fahd, ↑Fahd ibn Abdel Aziz al-Saud, ↑Faisal, ↑Faisal ibn Abdel Aziz al-Saud, ↑Farouk I, ↑Faruk I, ↑Ferdinand I, ↑Ferdinand the Great, ↑Ferdinand, ↑King Ferdinand, ↑Ferdinand of Aragon, ↑Ferdinand V, ↑Ferdinand the Catholic, ↑Frederick I, ↑Frederick II, ↑Frederick the Great, ↑Frederick William I, ↑Frederick William II, ↑Frederick William III, ↑Frederick William IV, ↑Genseric, ↑Gaiseric, ↑Gilgamesh, ↑Gordius, ↑Gustavus, ↑Gustavus I, ↑Gustavus II, ↑Gustavus Adolphus, ↑Gustavus III, ↑Gustavus IV, ↑Gustavus V, ↑Gustavus VI, ↑Hammurabi, ↑Hammurapi, ↑Herod, ↑Herod the Great, ↑Hezekiah, ↑Ezekias, ↑Hussein, ↑Husain, ↑Husayn, ↑ibn Talal Hussein, ↑King Hussein, ↑James, ↑James IV, ↑Jeroboam, ↑Jeroboam I, ↑Juan Carlos, ↑Juan Carlos Victor Maria de Borbon y Borbon, ↑Kamehameha I, ↑Kamehameha the Great, ↑Leonidas, ↑Macbeth, ↑Mithridates, ↑Mithridates VI, ↑Mithridates the Great, ↑Nebuchadnezzar, ↑Nebuchadnezzar II, ↑Nebuchadrezzar, ↑Nebuchadrezzar II, ↑Olaf II, ↑Olav II, ↑Saint Olaf, ↑Saint Olav, ↑St. Olaf, ↑St. Olav, ↑Pepin, ↑Pepin III, ↑Pepin the Short, ↑Philip II, ↑Philip II of Spain, ↑Philip II of Macedon, ↑Philip Augustus, ↑Philip V, ↑Philip VI, ↑Philip of Valois, ↑Ptolemy I, ↑Ptolemy II, ↑Pyrrhus, ↑Rameses, ↑Ramesses, ↑Ramses, ↑Saul, ↑Sennacherib, ↑Solomon, ↑Tarquin, ↑Tarquin the Proud, ↑Tarquinius, ↑Tarquinius Superbus, ↑Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, ↑Victor Emanuel II, ↑Victor Emanuel III, ↑Xerxes I, ↑Xerxes the Great
Member Holonyms: ↑royalty, ↑royal family, ↑royal line, ↑royal house

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